Collection [2] Silver Glitz

This collection aptly called Silver Glitz will take you through some a-must-have accessories in a girl's wardrobe. The earrings featured are minimalist and architecture in fashion at its best. 

Perfect for a night out, or to glam up a dinner dress!

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Design 4

Design 5

Design 6

Design 7
Design 8

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Hey girls! Due to your excellent reception of our first Earthwood Collection, we've brought in more designs in the different classic style. Do check it out and let us know if you like any here!

Stay tuned to our next collection! 

 P/s: Gigantic thank you to all who has given their support to our Earthwood Collection! We have a little note from our designers specially for you:
"All of our earrings are one of a kind and all wood components are handmade by us. We design our earrings to match, yet be slightly different from one another. Combined with free moving parts, this means they look a little different every time they catch your eye. Wood, in comparison to other common earring materials, is very lightweight, so you can wear a larger earring and not have it pull or bother your ear. These earrings hang from a simple stainless steel ear wire. The earrings measure approximately 2 1/4" (5.7 cm) from the top of the ear wire to the bottom of the earring.

Our earrings go through the same rigorous finishing process as our pendants and cuffs. They have been sanded through 5 grades of sandpaper, oiled and waxed. Should they show signs of wear, buffing with an old t-shirt will bring back its original shine."

As always, in Weils we aim to bring the best in quality!

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